Hearing Loop Solutions

Hear clearly with existing Hearing Aids by installing a Hearing Loop.

What is a Hearing Loop?

A Hearing Loop is an assistive hearing device that works with Hearing Aids and cochlear implants equipped with a t-coil (a small copper coil that serves as an antenna). A Hearing Loop consists of an amplifier connected to a sound source (stereo, TV, microphone etc.) and a loop of wire surrounding a room.

How does a Hearing Loop work?

An amplifier receives the spoken word from the sound source. It transmits the words through a loop of wire. The t-coil receives the words wirelessly which is broadcasted directly into your ear making it easy to understand.

Please contact Tri County Hearing and Speech Centers to determine if your Hearing Aid or cochlear implant is equipped with a t-coil.

tchs loop rev.jpg

This symbol is displayed where Hearing Loops are installed.

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